Chicks Gone Wild

Chicks Gone Wild 2.0

Chicks Gone Wild is a 3D arcade game for kids of all ages
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Chicks Gone Wild 1.0 is a 3D arcade game for kids of all ages.
The gamer assumes the role of a frog who loves balloons, and there are balloons scattered all over these winding jungle roads. The user has to help your Frog gather as many balloons as possible. The more balloons the user gathers, the more points they get. However, they should watch out for those Crazy Amazon Chicks. They are stark raving mad, and they love to eat frogs. The gamer can either avoid the Chicks or jump on them. If they jump on them, they will turn into small totem statues that will give them an extra life. There are also bottles of Froggy Elixir hidden under each rock that will help keep the Frog alive.

The game appeals to ages from two to 92. It features interesting graphics and game play. The energy shows the amount of health the frog has. The lives show the number of turns left for the gamer to play. The score includes the number of balloons collected by the user. The game has comprehensive difficulty level based on the old school game base. The user can only save the game once they progress further in the game thus making it more challenging.

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